Make Anavah Your Compass About Us

Welcome to Anavah Consulting LLC – A company with a passion for finding business and organizational solutions with an eye toward customer and employee experiences. My company’s mission is to help small businesses and outdoor organizations become people-centric and sustainable so that Main Street grows and Mother Nature flourishes.

Your company or organization’s future depends on upon relationships with people. Good business involves understanding your customer needs and desires to provide the best and most personal experiences possible. Making sure your company vision, mission and strategy come alive requires defining your company culture and values and embedding those into every aspect of the business.

Change and learning the art of adaptation can be overwhelming and sometimes downright scary. If you know you must adapt your small business, but don’t know where to start, get in touch with me. I founded Anavah to serve as a compass that guides other businesses and organizations through their evolutionary process. 

I refer to Anavah as “the sweet spot between strength and humility” and my company’s guiding principles are:

Be strong. Whatever obstacles might cross my path, I will follow through on my promises to you.

Be curious. Listening, asking questions and getting feedback is the best way to seek understanding, which guides optimal solutions.

Be humble. I recognize that I can’t be an expert on every subject. If I can’t personally resolve an issue or answer a question, I will endeavor to guide you to someone who can help.

Be true. Authenticity and integrity might not win every contract, but I believe providing trusted advice to my clients is more important than having more clients.

Be connected. I aim to build strong, long-term relationships with all contacts including clients, vendors, and communities.

Be excellent. You will always get everything I have to offer, and I aspire to provide more than you expect.

Be inspired. I appreciate the beauty in each person and in our environment so I hope to inspire you as much as I know you will inspire me.

I have been consulting government agencies, parks and recreation departments, outdoor industry and individual retailers on making their services more customer friendly for over ten years. Relationships are the backbone of any successful venture.  Humans sell your products and services and humans buy them. I want to help you make your human relationships matter. 

In addition to experience, I’ve obtained the following certifications:

  • Certificate in Executive Leadership from Cornell University
  • Certificate in Advanced Adlerian Courses on Facilitation, Conflict Resolution, Human and Organization Development, Humankind and Primal Adler and Life Movement – Normal and Neurotic from Phoenix Process Consultants

I am looking forward to hearing from you! Contact me here. Michelle Doerr