• Energy for Leadership

    Posted September 10, 2021 by mdoerr
    Paying attention to my energy and responding appropriately helps me bring my gifts to others with grace and humility.
  • Workshop Expectations and Learning

    Posted January 27, 2021 by mdoerr
    Workshop expectations for participants
  • Not just one of the girls

    Posted April 4, 2020 by mdoerr
    Recently, a male CEO referenced his female staff as “the girls”. At the moment, I didn’t address the micro-aggression. I’ve reflected end decided to use this blog as an opportunity to unpack what happened and what I wish I had done differently.
  • Raising with Resilience

    Posted December 5, 2019 by mdoerr
    Resilence is key to recovering from adversity.
  • Fighting for Personal Freedom

    Posted July 2, 2019 by mdoerr
    This year’s freedom topic focused on personal and spiritual freedom.
  • Go Beyond the “I Don’t Know”

    Posted May 14, 2019 by mdoerr
    There is both power and danger to saying those three little words; “I don’t know”. Here’s a quick summary of the good and bad of saying this phrase.