My Contracting Process

I am very flexible in working with each client to generate the best possible outcomes for every task. In general, I use the following process to develop each project.


1. Assessment

Potential projects will always begin with a telephone call or face-to-face meeting to assess the problem you need to solve. We will talk about the current situation and your future desired outcome to develop clear project objectives and goals and determine if my company is a good fit.

2. Review Project Summary
After the initial assessment, I will follow up by email to verify project understanding before submitting a proposal. This step ensures that we are both on the same page as I develop the specific proposal, and ultimately, makes the project more efficient.

3. Proposal
After we agree on key project components, I will draft a proposal to include the project summary, goals, objectives, approach, deliverables, timelines, pricing and payment terms. The final proposal can serve as part of my contract with you or can be used in developing your contract for me.

4. Finalize contract
We will sign the agreed-upon contract form. Electronic signatures are acceptable. At this stage, we will also finalize any additional paperwork required for me to perform services.

5. Project report
I will begin the project as outlined in the approach. Because I believe communication is key to meeting project deadlines and objectives, I might provide periodic updates of progress, including any issues that arise and result in adjustments of timelines or deliverables.

6. Project review
I prefer to hold a call within a week of final report submission to discuss the report and answer any remaining questions. If needed, we can discuss additional formats for information provided in the report.

7. Feedback
As part of improving my business, I will either ask for feedback on services via survey or personal discussion. I will usually ask for this feedback within two weeks of project completion.

These are not hard and fast rules but should provide a sense of my beliefs in the process of developing successful working relationships.

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