My services revolve around two main themes: our relationships with Earth and our relationships with each other. When we embed ourselves in nature, we receive nature’s healing power and ability to turn away from self-defeating and earth-defeating habits. Nature provides us with physical and mental nourishment, and we must reciprocate by advocating for a healthy Earth and by consuming less.

When we take our authentic selves into the world where we live and work, and we help others do the same, stress decreases and workplaces come alive. I offer workshops to help you handle stress, deal with conflict, find your authentic self, and understand basic human behaviors. I have studied Adlerian psychology and, as an Adlerian, I believe in a holistic and socially oriented approach to personal and professional well-being.

Outdoor Organization and Natural Resources Agency Consulting

After assessing outreach and program efforts, I can help you create wellness trails, increase program participation, and inspire participants to advocate for healthy natural resources. Together we can forge partnerships with groups, therapists and others to improve appreciation for the area and enhance agency relevancy. Contact me for an initial consultation.

Experiential Workshops

All of my workshops and programs are experiential because I believe that to learn, you must be doing, reflecting and exchanging ideas with others. I offer workshops designed for the following audiences.

For companies to improve company culture and productivity: Topics can be customized based on your company’s needs and currently include facilitation, conflict resolution, stress management, emotional intelligence, and company wellness programs.

For therapists, social workers and teachers to value the outdoors for healing and mental well-being: Workshop topics include an introduction to ecopsychology and advanced topics such as ecowellness, ecoresilience, environmental identity, risk management and structuring outdoor experiences.

For outdoor professionals to deepen knowledge of the human/nature connection: Workshops include an introduction to ecowellness, understanding human behavior, and creating an ecowellness trail. All workshops in this area include creating land advocates.

For rural communities and agriculture to improve the well-being of our farm communities: Workshops revolve around the complexity of grief and loss in farming and promoting dialogue among farmers.

Please refer to my Workshops Page for detailed descriptions of my current workshop offerings. I can tailor workshops to your audience and needs.

Personal and Executive Coaching

See my Coaching Page. 


With proper planning and leadership, meetings can result in equal participation and genuine buy-in, which ultimately saves your company time and money. When leading meetings or workshops, I ensure every voice is heard, guide the dialogue and focus on productivity. This requires organization, conflict resolution, time management and understanding common human behaviors – all skills I’ve honed throughout my 25-year career. Meeting facilitation services include:

  • Assessing the problem to be solved and developing a clear meeting purpose.
  • Developing a meeting agenda for maximum efficiency.
  • Managing meetings to optimize participation, reduce conflict and build agreement.
  • Establishing meeting outcomes and next steps.
  • Gathering feedback from the meeting and following up as needed

Company Culture Assessments

A company’s purpose and expected behaviors must be clear and followed for employees to be successful. After conducting a series of surveys, observations, and interviews, I will identify areas of culture improvement and develop a plan to implement changes.

Public Speaking

If you are a women’s group, parenting group or outdoor group needing the inspiration to face life’s challenges and fully experience the world, I am ready to make your attendees laugh, cry, learn, grow, and everything in between. Life is best shared with others and I love sharing my stories. Let me know what excites you, and what your goals are for your audience or team, and we’ll customize the topic for your audience to increase engagement and create a fun learning environment.

Women in male-dominated fields – I began my career as a fisheries research intern and then moved to wildlife where my focus was on research, urban wildlife and wildlife damage, especially with regard to deer. I helped build some of the first bowhunting service organizations and then spent 14 years in the archery industry. I’ve met men who supported my work and those who tried to crush me. I will share my thoughts on what behaviors are needed for everyone to feel a sense of belonging in the workplace.

Parenting – My career wasn’t nearly as stressful as being a parent. Through trial, error, success, failure, and determination, and with family and community support, I have raised two children who have found their passions and are working to make their dreams come true. Each child presented a unique set of challenges including Asperger’s Syndrome and an eating disorder and, at times, I felt on the brink of collapse. I would love to share my experiences and tools for success with your group.

Traveling the World – My love for travel started in high school when I lived with an amazing family as an exchange student in Australia and embedded myself in their culture. My college transcript includes a class called “Africa Field Study” where we studied the animals of Kenya and Tanzania. I have experienced several European countries, hunted in South Africa, and discovered the most peaceful place on Earth on the Galapagos Islands. I love to share my experiences with you and suggest ways you can become more than just a tourist.

Archery and Firearms Range Consulting

I write for Archery Business magazine and developed the original Archery Park Guide for the Archery Trade Association. Feel free to contact me for your range consulting needs.

The most profitable ranges are operated with the mindset of shooting being a recreational activity that belongs alongside other recreational activities such as soccer and baseball. Establishing the right classes, events and programs help engage both potential and existing customers with the best possible customer experiences. My services include:

  • Assessing your existing programs and business processes.
  • Recommending new range designs.
  • Developing program plans and pricing structures.
  • Providing strategies for approaching public meetings.
  • Making recommendations for staffing and responsibilities.
  • Evaluating your online presence to engage both potential and existing users.
  • Developing and managing events.