Business Services

Anavah Consulting LLC specializes in helping small businesses grow through developing a customer focus. Services include leading meetings, conducting specialized workshops, evaluating your culture and customer experiences, and helping you develop short-term implementation plans or long-term strategies. 

1) Facilitation
With proper planning and leadership, meetings can result in equal participation and genuine buy-in, which ultimately saves your company time and money. When leading meetings or workshops, I ensure every voice is heard, guide the dialogue and focus on productivity. This requires organization, conflict resolution, time management and understanding common human behaviors – all skills I’ve honed throughout my 25-year career.  Meeting facilitation services include:

  • Assessing the problem to be solved and developing a clear meeting purpose.
  • Developing a meeting agenda for maximum efficiency.
  • Managing meetings to optimize participation, reduce conflict and build agreement.
  • Establishing meeting outcomes and next steps.
  • Gathering feedback from the meeting and following up as needed.

2) Workshops and Training
Businesses and organizations grow through learning. If you’re looking for topics related to customer experiences, company culture or organizational management, I can create a customized workshop or webinar with your specific learning objectives in mind. Here are a few of the topics available:

  • Better Meetings Ahead – Facilitation Basics.
  • Understanding Customer Experience.
  • Take Notice – Using Listening and Observation to Improve Customer Relations.
  • Put on Your Customers Shoes – How Using Journey Mapping Helps You See Your Customers More Clearly.
  • The Outliers – Why Your Average Customer Doesn’t Help You Grow.
  • Contact me to customize a topic for your group

3) People Intelligence
Businesses must be concerned about people, both customers and employees, to compete in today’s market. Because selling things has been replaced with providing experiences, creating excellent experiences for your customers will help you cultivate brand loyalty. I can help you understand how company culture and policies affect your customers’ experiences so you can make changes that strengthen your brand. People-centric services include:

  • Developing customer journey maps to guide your marketing strategy and help you understand your customers’ good and bad experiences.
  • Evaluating your online presence, which is often your company’s first impression, to recommend improvements that best serve your customers.
  • Reviewing your physical presence to determine small changes that will vastly improve customer experiences and help you plan and budget for long-term improvements.
  • Assessing company culture and processes, from hiring to compensation and rewards, to represent your brand and put customers first.
  • Creating surveys to gain feedback from customers and employees to prioritize changes.

4)  Implementation and Strategic Planning
Annual implementation plans and long-term strategic planning are vital to a company’s progress. By assembling the right team to get buy-in, and creating realistic goals with action plans, timelines, and success factors, you can efficiently realize your vision for your company or organization. My training and experience in facilitation and individual psychology can help ensure that all voices are heard. My understanding of small business and organizational development will guide you through each process. Planning services include:

  • Developing strategic processes, including helping you choose the best team, planning and running meetings, creating plan documents, developing communications, and tracking progress.
  • Creating annual implementation plans where long-term planning does not already exist.
  • Establishing task-management systems to keep you on track.

Contact me for any additional business or organizational consulting needs.