Outdoor Related Services

I provide guidance in the range development process through over 10 years of experience in designing ranges and establishing profitable programs. I also help fish and wildlife agencies develop outdoor recreation recruitment and retention plans and strategies. Outdoor-related services include: 


COMING SOON – Experiential workshops, speaking and consulting on the Human/Nature connection and EcoWellness from an Adlerian perspective.

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Hunting and Shooting Recruitment

State fish and wildlife agencies, outdoor industry members and related organizations need a full-picture view of their participants and processes in order to recruit and retain hunters and shooters. Today’s outdoor recreation participants behave much differently than the long-established users. As with any other recreational activity, outdoor agencies, organizations, and businesses must understand all customer types, assess current gaps and create systems with a customer-centric focus. Services in this area include:

  • Conducting internal and/or external assessments to develop lists of Recruitment, Retention and Reactivation (R3) programs and determine gaps.
  • Furthering assessment of R3 programs by helping define audiences and detailed objectives and setting useful data collection points, evaluation processes and feedback loops for program adjustment.
  • Assessing agency R3 status and capabilities using the National Hunting and Shooting Sports Action Plan as a checklist.
  • Leading R3 internal or internal/external stakeholder meetings to begin developing state-specific R3 strategies and plans.
  • Conducting industry/agency partnership meetings.
  • Evaluating stakeholder relationships to R3 using the “Think Politically Stakeholder Maps” tool developed by the National Training R3 staff in strategic planning, conflict resolution or individual psychology that results in excellent organizational and people-management skills.
  • Helping agency staff develop personas (detailed characters representing real customer types as observed by your agency); customer touchpoints (each contact point between your customers and your agency); and journey maps (customer experiences throughout their cycle of interactions with the agency) to determine the status of customer experiences and prioritize improvements.

My expertise in this specialty includes:

  • Partnering with several state wildlife agencies to create recruitment plans for archery and bowhunting in their states.
  • Leading meetings and groups including several years of ATA’s Archery and Bowhunting Summit, ATA’s Retail Work Group (which resulted in a revitalized ATA Retail Council) and an archery range workgroup (which resulted in the creation of ATA’s Archery Park Guide).
  • Serving as a member of the Development Work Group which drafted the National Hunting and Shooting Sports Action Plan.
  • Serving on the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources R3 Council. 
  • Completing professional trained in facilitation, strategic planning, and conflict resolution.
  • Developed city urban deer management plans and helped facilitate planning meetings for this often heated issue.



Archery and Firearms Range Consulting

The most profitable ranges are operated with the mindset of shooting being a recreational activity that belongs alongside other recreational activities such as soccer and baseball. Establishing the right classes, events and programs help engage both potential and existing customers with the best possible customer experiences. Range consulting includes:

  • Assessing your existing programs and business processes.
  • Recommending new range designs.
  • Developing program plans and pricing structures.
  • Providing strategies for approaching public meetings.
  • Making recommendations for staffing and responsibilities.
  • Evaluating your online presence to engage both potential and existing users.  
  • Developing and managing events.

My expertise in this specialty includes:

  • Providing guidance for hundreds of existing and potential ranges for 10-plus years as an Archery Trade Association (ATA) employee.
  • Creating ATA’s Archery Park Guide and conducting workshops for parks and recreation agencies to promote archery park development.
  • Completing the National Rifle Association’s Range Development and Operators Course.
  • Completing USA Archery’s Level IV archery coach certification.
  • Familiarizing myself with hunter education classes as a formerly certified firearms and bow hunter safety instructor.
  • Designing ATA’s first Archery Academy, an instructor training program for parks and recreation agencies.
  • Developing ATA’s Retail Growth Initiative to help archery retailers improve profits on their ranges and in stores.