Strength through Connection


I am focused on customizing experiences that help people better understand their relationships with themselves, others and Earth.


Customized workshops and services to create wellbeing in life and work.


I've helped clients in the conservation, education and business communities.
  • “Michelle did a thorough review of our shooting range and retailer programs that helped identify new opportunities for our association to enhance our member education and services and add additional value to NSSF membership.”

    - Chris Dolnack, Senior Vice President & CMO, National Shooting Sports Foundation


  • How to Find Gratitude in Nature

    Posted May 21, 2020
    Gratitude is the antidote to struggle and fear. Fear puts the brain into fight, flight, or freeze mode. When I am grateful, I feel like I am more in right, might, and be mode. learn more »
  • Not just one of the girls

    Posted April 4, 2020
    Recently, a male CEO referenced his female staff as “the girls”. At the moment, I didn’t address the micro-aggression. I’ve reflected end decided to use this blog as an opportunity to unpack what happened and what I wish I had done differently. learn more »
  • Connect: It's what I do

    Posted February 18, 2020
    Because my background is varied, I often am asked, “What do you do now?” The short answer is; I help people connect to themselves, to others and to Earth. learn more »

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