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I am focused on developing exemplary customer and employee experiences to improve profitability and growth.


Optimize your business or organization and understand how your customers interact with it.


I've helped clients in the outdoors, wildlife, shooting industries, and more.
  • “Michelle did a thorough review of our shooting range and retailer programs that helped identify new opportunities for our association to enhance our member education and services and add additional value to NSSF membership.”

    - Chris Dolnack, Senior Vice President & CMO, National Shooting Sports Foundation


  • Closing a Meeting with Energy and Commitment

    Posted July 31, 2018
    When leaders aren't closing a meeting by reviewing accomplishments, addressing feelings and committing to next actions, meetings don't succeed. learn more »
  • A Professional Hunter in Africa - What's That Gig Like?

    Posted July 16, 2018
    Professional Hunter, a title some hunters assume due to their hunting prowess and success. But, it’s an earned title in Africa. On my recent 10-day hunt in South Africa, I meet some wonderful professional hunters – or “PH” as they’re called. A PH is required to accompany every foreign hunter there. learn more »
  • Leading Meetings: A Plan for Success

    Posted July 3, 2018

    Please, not another meeting! Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

    “Wasted time”, “Redundant”, “Nothing is accomplished” and “No clear purpose;” these phrases appeared on sticky notes after I’d asked participants to post a meeting complaint. The question was asked as a part of a facilitation training I conducted and…

    learn more »

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